Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pizza House (Chipatis and Breadsticks)

My husband went to college in Ann Arbor and frequented a restaurant called Pizza House.   He remembers when it was an actual  house, in which the owners offered a small menu mainly pizza and breadsticks and chipati bread (pita bread).   It caught on, and by the time my husband first took me there, they had expanded to a large restaurant.   I LOVE Pizza House!   After I delivered my son, Pizza House was what I asked for (along with a giant diet coke).  I could eat their breadsticks all day everyday.   They are soft, buttery and covered with grated cheese!   Yummy!!
My husband always eats them with chipati sauce.   Pizza House's signature dipping sauce.  It is tangy and light, tasting of honey mustard and a hint of ranch.  He loves the sauce so much that once I, accidentally, ordered the bread sticks without the chipati sauce, and he wouldn't eat them.  He wants the sauce.  The breadsticks are just the vehicle to get the sauce to his mouth.
When we moved to Okemos, we were delighted to find a Pizza House right by us in Hannah Plaza, on Hagadorn in a East Lansing.   So began our almost weekly trips to Pizza House.   One fabulous visit my girlfriend, Stephanie, ordered  a chipati.   Now I knew about the sauce but I had never had an actual chipati.  OMG!  It is the perfect food!   Salad (any kind from their menu) stuffed into a warm, oversized soft, pita bread. Check it out:
I rarely ever order anything else.  I do rotate type of salad or filling, grilled veggie, greek, Caesar, but the chipati is my meal of choice.  
Pizza House has a bit of everything from pizza to sandwiches to pastas.  Their Italian meat pizza is so full of meat that you can barely see the cheese!  There is something for everyone.  This is why we always take family and friends here when they are visiting.  Plus, you can't leave without ever trying a Chipati!  
Therefore, when deciding on dinner tonight, I, of course, picked Pizza House.  I ordered the greek salad with chicken chipati, my husband, the buffalo chicken chipati, wings, nachos (which are one of my favorite, topped with lots of cheese, olives, green peppers, onions and jalapenos) and lots of bread sticks.  I am a very happy girl tonight!

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