Saturday, February 1, 2014

Family fun and fantastic food: Spags

My husband and I love to go out to eat, so our children have been to a great many restaurants.  Because of this, they have learned how to sit still and behave in family friendly and fine dining restaurants.   Sometimes, however, my husband and I want to go out to eat and just relax with a drink and not have to worry whether the kids are too loud or whether they are settled down and sitting nicely in their seats.  Our friends introduced us to a wonderful place in Williamston called Spag's Bar and Grill several years ago.  Spag's Bar and Grill opened in 1998 when the owners of Spagnuolo’s in Okemos wanted to start a second place to serve their award winning pizza.  We love Spags for so many reasons.  First of all, it is quaint and friendly.  Secondly, they have a great selection on tap (16 taps) with many local microbrews included.  Third, they have a very laid back atmosphere that includes an arcade right next to the dining area where children can play, while waiting for their dinner, and after they are done, so that Moms and Dads can talk to each other and relax.  Make sure you bring small bills or coins (there is, of course, coin machine handy). 

Then there is the food.  When you go make sure you get the cheese dip.  What looks like cottage cheese hits your palate with a garlicky, spicy kick.  It is warm and creamy and you can’t stop eating it!  Their nachos are loaded and you usually have a pile, of what my husband refers to as salad, left in the middle when the chips are gone.  For nacho lovers like me, this is when you grab your fork to finish up the olives, lettuce, onions, cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes, beans and chicken.  (Note that these are chili nachos not refried beans nachos).
They have the standard bar fare but they also have fantastic calzones with thick doughy crust filled to bursting with toppings (you can choose what you want or pick a local favorite) and of course their pizza that is loaded with toppings.   My husband loves their buffalo chicken sandwich, which is super hot.  They have Grinders and wraps, all which come with fries (thick steak fries) or giant onion rings.  Let me not forget that they have adult macaroni and cheese!  Penne pasta with fontina and cheddar melted into a gooey mouthwatering dish that is sure to please any child at heart who does not want to order off the kids menu.

Spags is a great night out with the family or with friends and their kids.  Adults can enjoy time together while the kids have fun.  It is also a great place to meet friends for drinks, enjoy a game or play some pool.  I am always a happy girl at Spags. 
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