Monday, June 2, 2014

Fantastic Mediterranean Food-Jerusalem Bakery, Lansing

I first saw the name Jerusalem Bakery on a package of pita at a local grocery store.  It was the "puffy" pita my daughter likes, so I picked it up and brought it home.  It was fantastic,  soft and fluffy.  I thought this was a mass produced product until I passed a store with the same name on Michigan Avenue.
Of course, I had to stop and check it out.  Inside, was a small store with shelves lined with pitas, olives, rice, and any other products you would need to cook a delicious Mediterranean meal.  There was a freezer with frozen pitas and vegetables, a deli counter with hummus, hashwi and other grab and go items, plus a refrigerated section with many kinds of cheeses.

Behind the counter was a very nice woman, who was addressing a young girl sitting at one of the three small tables in the center of the store.  The pita, I found at the grocery, originates from this family owned store.  They also have a full Mediterranean menu, that they offer for in house, take out or catering.
I noticed that behind the counter was a tray of fresh pita topped with cheese, meat, or onion (they call them pies).  I bought two of the cheese pies for my children for dinner that night.  They were thrilled.  Both pies were gone in a flash and they requested that I get more pies and the "puffy" pita.

So, when we had a pot luck at work, I decided to bring food from Jerusalem Bakery.  I called and spoke to the owner, the woman I had met on the previous occasion.  I gave her a price and she worked with me to figure out what I could get in meat and vegetarian options to please the group.  I chose the hummus and pita, chicken schwarma and rice, beef Kaftka, and falafel.

Wow!! I was loved at that potluck!!  The beef Kafta was amazing!!! It was garlicky and moist, and so  popular that I had to hide some for the guest of honor.  The schwarma was better than any I have ever had.  It had a flavor that was completely original and it had a kick to it as well.  The hummus was thick and flavorful but not to much as to over power the other parts of the meal.  Of course I LOVE the pita and usually eat it alone and dip the chicken in the hummus instead.  
Jerusalem Bakery is a great place to get food for yourself, your family or your office.  They have everything.  I am always a happy girl when I visit them!  

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