Friday, March 7, 2014

Mexican Mardi Gras at Cancun Grill

Where is the best place to celebrate Mardi Gras?  My girlfriend and I thought of the same place:  Cancun Grill!  What a fun, colorful place to eat lots of great food and of course, margaritas!  Cancun grill has been a family favorite of ours since we discovered them after they opened their second location on Jolly Road.  When the weather is nice we ride our bikes there.  My daughter at the age of 6 said during one of these aforementioned rides, "hey mommy, you and daddy can both have the big margaritas because we rode our bikes here!"  The big margaritas are not the only draw of course.
You start off with a basket of warm, crispy tortilla chips and salsa.  My kids always, always ask for the queso.  It is the only queso my little one will eat, and she would eat the whole bowl if I let her.  I always want the guacamole.  They understand that guacamole needs to be chunky.  I love when I get a chunk of avocado or tomato, yummy.  So here are the starters:
One thing we really love about Cancun is the variety in the menu.  There is so much to choose from!  You can order simply a burrito with rice and beans or the crazy with the special plate which has many different items including a taco, chile relleno, enchilada, tamale, chalupa and rice and beans.  My husband gets this plate a lot! You can also get fancy with a dish like the pollo mazatlan which has grilled chicken, shrimp with vegetables.  This is one of my favorites!!!  
The kids menu has a lot to offer too.  Your child can get a chicken strip or burger plate but they can also get a burrito or enchilada.  That way if you have a picky child you are all set.    
If you run out of chips they will always keep refilling your basket.  Or you can save your appetite for a plate of sopapillas or fried ice cream (One of the few local places you can get it!)  I am always a happy girl when it is a Cancun grill night!

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