Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Soup Spoon cafe is way more than just soup!

My sister was in town for the day giving a talk on campus and had less than an hour to meet up with me.  I suggested she meet me at the Soup Spoon Cafe because it was only a block from the hospital (on E. Michigan Ave. between Ferguson and Custer) and I was just getting done with work for the day.   We had both eaten already so we decided to get a drink and share a dessert.  Surprisingly, this little cafe has a full bar and several beers on tap (all local brews like Founders).  I chose wine and my sister thier iced tea blend. They do not have a dedicated dessert menu but offer something different daily which they write on a chalk board on the wall next to the beers on tap.  We ordered an orange goat cheese cheesecake.  OMG!   This was so good!   The goat cheese made it light and creamy and the orange have it almost an orangecicle flavor reminiscent of our childhood.

The atmosphere is relaxed and casual with rustic decorations and delightful staff.  Everyone is helpful and the lack of uniform for the staff gives it a homey feel.  It is a great place for breakfast, lunch, dinner or drinks. You can bring your colleagues, family, date or friends. They try to use only local items on their menu supporting other Lansing area small businesses.

I was so happy with my first experience, that I was determined to make it back at my next chance to try one of the enticing items on the lunch menu.  As luck would have it, the following week, I found myself in need of a lunch to bring to the school to eat with my kids.  I ordered the BLT with avocado and chips.  Holy Bacon!!  Thick crisp pieces in abundance atop lettuce and tomato and avocado and drizzled with chipotle mayo.  The mayo have it a super kick!  My kids kept stealing my bacon and my chips. My picky eater loved their fresh made kettle chips.  I was happy and they were happy.

Needless to say, when my NP friend asked me to meet her for lunch I suggested the Soup Spoon.  We sat at the bar, which also serves the full menu.  Then came the hard task of deciding which item to order!   I was torn between the seafood chowder, naan pizza and the special-crab cake poboy.  When I went with my sister, the woman next to me ordered the crab cakes and they looked amazing so I decided on the crab cake poboy.  This item needs to be permanently on their menu.  Moist, perfectly seasoned crab cakes on a toasted asiago bun with peppers, onion, carrots and tomato with a chipotle aioli!  If I could have eaten two, I would have ordered another one!  So fantastic!! Take a look:
I am craving one now while writing this!!!  I was a happy girl with this lunch!!  I think I will make the Soup Spoon my go to lunch spot (and maybe breakfast and dinner as well).  

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