Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Best Spinach, Artichoke dip ever! Dublin Square, East Lansing

When it comes to appetizers, we usually order one of three things, nachos, calamari or spinach artichoke dip.  All five of us enjoy these appetizers (or at least parts of them).  Needless to say, I have had my share of spinach artichoke dips.  By far, the best, I have ever had, is at Dublin Square in East Lansing.  When we ordered it, I expected what we always get, a hot bowl of dip with some hot tortilla chips on the side.  What we got, however, was a hot, toasted, BREAD bowl with the creamiest spinach artichoke dip I have ever tasted!  It was dripping with baked mozzarella and served with crispy pita chips.  I could have eaten the entire thing for my meal!  As it was, I ate most of it, and dipping the toasted bread in the dip was awesome!!
We chose to go to Dublin Square because it was a beautiful day and they have a great out door patio area. Plus, on Thursdays and the weekends, there is usually music on the patio.  They have a great selection of beer and root beer for my daughter.

The menu is a great mix of traditional Irish pub food, and American bar fare.  They kindly put a box around the house specialties. I decided to go with a house specialty, and ordered the Traditional Reuben.
I love that they offer grilled vegetables in place of fries!  The Russian dressing is really tangy and smooth.  I loved that they put it on the side so it didn't smother the taste of the rest of the sandwich.  The rye was perfectly toasted and the coleslaw had just the right amount of mayo to make it slaw, but not soggy. Yummy!!!  

They have a great kids menu which offers fish and chips (my son was actually willing to order off the kid's menu!). 
The standard kids fare of chicken tenders and grilled cheese are very well done! Look at that awesome grilled cheese!  The chicken came with real honey mustard!  My daughter asked why it wasn't bright yellow like all the other honey mustard.

The music, the patio and the  fantastic food made for a wonderful evening!  We were very happy with our visit to Dublin Square!  

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