Monday, July 28, 2014

Waffles INCaffeinated- not your average waffle-Pittsburgh

Brunch is tradition when I visit my sister.  She always finds us fantastic places to eat, and they usually have a twist.  This visit she took us to Waffles INCaffeinated, on the South Side of Pittsburgh, on Carson Street.  My kids were super excited, because they love waffles.  I am more of a hotcakes person as you know, but I was very intrigued with the menu.  They have every twist on the waffle you could think of, as well as, all the traditional breakfast items (eggs, bacon, ect.) and they also offer lunch items.  But don't expect your traditional items to be traditional in presentation.  Their breakfast potatoes were made up of white, purple and sweet potatoes.  Yummy!
You can get one of their signature waffles, either sweet (mega berry) or savory (breakfast magic) or create your own concoction from a vast array of items.
My son knew what he wanted right away.  They have a signature waffle called the Funky Monkey:
It is a chocolate chip filled waffle topped with bananas, a peanut butter chiffon and drizzled with chocolate sauce!  He was in heaven!!!  It is not only extremely tasty, but very pretty as well. 
 My husband took a chance on one of their waffle creations in the lunch category.  He ordered the Waffles Gyro:  gyro-lamb, onions, tomatoes, fresh greens and a cucumber-mint sour cream sauce, all presented in a waffle wrappe.  How cool is that!
I chose to try a lunch option and went with their BLT:  Six pieces of applewood smoked bacon, fresh greens, sliced tomatoes, avocado, and tangy mayonnaise served on texas toast, dusted with their PRD, precious ranch dust.  You can add a fried egg to it and, of course, I did!  It was brunch after all!  
This sandwich was amazing!!!  I kept saying "this is so good" over and over!
I was supposed to split it with my son and take half his waffle, but I loved the sandwich so much, I only gave him a bite.

They also have a great kids menu!  Kids can choose a half waffle with toppings of their choosing or simple standard items like grilled cheese.  They have a choice of fruit or potatoes.  One of my daughters, chose a chocolate chip waffle with marshmallow fluff topping and the fruit cup.  That is one of the best child's plates I have ever seen!
My other daughter chose the grilled cheese and side of potatoes.  
All the dishes were delicious and beautifully presented!  This is a wonderful place, and I will definately visit it again and again when we visit Pittsburgh.  I was a very happy girl at WafflesINCaffeinated!  
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